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How To Grill Pizza With Sauce

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How to grill pizza with its mouthwatering topppings.I learnt how to grill pizza in our summer camp last year, and ever since then I do it quite often. It is fun and very easy to do. You will require a few things for grilling pizza, otherwise you won’t get the right kind of taste you are looking for. Here are some things which you should have:
• Pizza sauce ( compulsory)
• Pizza dough
• Mozzarella cheese
• Pepperoni
• Parmesan cheese
• Large spatula

Step one: You can start by taking the pizza dough and letting it thaw if you are using frozen pizza dough. (I always recommend frozen pizza dough because you can keep dough at home and use it whenever you want).
Step two: After your dough has thawed, you will need to flatten it and roll out. It might not have a good shape, so you can give it a shape you want.
Step three: Now, place your flattened dough on the grill. Let the dough turn golden but ensure that it does not burn. Once, you find that one side has become brown, you can flip the other side and let it cook for a minute.
Step four: Once, you are satisfied with your dough you can slowly add your toppings. Spread the sauce first with a spoon. Now add vegetables as per your choice and of course the yummy cheese.
Step five: Now close the lid and let the cheese melt slowly. Remember that this is not going to take much time, so you can keep checking the pizza after every 5 minutes.

How to grill pizza with cheese toppings - easy to make recipe
Step six: Now, remove the pizza from the grill. Let it cool down before you cut it.

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How To Grill Pizza With Sauce