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How to cook stir fry

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Are you hunting through the online sources to learn how to cook stir fry meals? Well, there are many sources to tell you how to do that, but, if you want to know how to cook stir fry the easiest and the quickest way, I am going to reveal you my secret. Stir frying is an ancient technique of cooking that has been predominantly present in the Asian cooking tradition. This technique is considered very effective for cooking vegetables and meat quickly. The best thing about this particular traditional Asian cooking style is that, that the foods retain the texture and flavor perfectly. Typically, this cooking style involves a quick sauteing over a high flame. In many cases, this process is ended by steaming the dish for a few minutes in a flavored sauce.

Things to collect for cooking stir fry –

For cooking stir fry meals you will need chef’s knives, cutting boards, wooden spatulas and woks.

Now, follow these instructions to know how to cook stir fry –

stir-frying-in-the-wokChoosing utensils

For stir frying anything, it’s always advisable to choose a nonstick wok or a seasoned carbon steel wok. This is because; these utensils have the perfect depth with sloping sides which is ideal for stir frying.

Preparing the ingredients

Your first step would be to chop of all the vegetables and meats and then go on to prepare the sauce. Stir frying is a fast process and so it’s important that you keep your ingredients cut and ready. When you are chopping your vegetables and meats, make sure that they are all bite sized pieces. This is because stir frying is done at a high heat and so when the pieces are small, there are fewer chances of them getting scorched.

Learning the cooking time

Another important thing is to learn what vegetable and meat takes how much time to cook. This is because; this art of cooking needs you to add the vegetables one by depending upon the cooking time of each. So, for example if it’s the onions you have put in the wok first, cook it for 2 minutes before adding the broccoli florets which will take another 3 to 4 minutes to be stir fried and the then the bell pepper and so on. The meat is best cooked first and place in another container before adding them back at the end.

Procedure of stir frying

You need to heat oil in the pan and then add the aromatics first like ginger and garlic and stir them till you can smell the aroma. The ingredients are to be added next. When the cooking is about two thirds complete, it’s time for you to add the sauce and cover and steam the vegetables and meat together for few minutes.

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How To Cook Stir Fry