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How to grill chicken wings

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You often eat grilled chicken wings in the restaurants but have you ever wondered how to grill chicken wings at home? Once you learn how to grill chicken wings by yourself you will not have to waste so much money in eating them in restaurants. For grilling chicken wings, charcoal and propane grills are used mostly. However, the charcoal grill needs very attentive cooking as the chicken wings can get burned. Grilled chicken wings are easy to prepare and make a fantastic finger food in parties.

Instructions on how to grill chicken wings –

Ingredients and equipments grilling-chicken-wings

For grilling chicken wings you will need propane /charcoal grill, a grill scraper, a kitchen cloth, olive oil, salt, pepper, sheet tray, chicken wings, a sharp chef knife and tongs.

Procedure for grilling chicken wings

•    Firstly, cut the first segment of the chicken wings, towards the end tip. Now, chop off the next joint on your chicken wing and separate the two meat pieces. Then, season the wings with salt and pepper. Next, chill the pieces in the refrigerator.
•    Take a propane grill and allow the grill to heat up in a medium flame. If you are using a charcoal grill, make sure you the coals are covered gray with ash. Now, adjust the inlet of the air so the heat remains medium. Then scrape clean, the screen of your charcoal grill and wipe it lightly with an olive oil soaked cloth.
•    In the third step, bring out the chicken wings from the freezer and place them on a pre-heated grill with the help of tongs. Grill each side of the wings for 7 to 9 minutes. Keep turning the chicken wings gently, making sure that skin remains intact. Now, prick a fork into one of the wings and pull out some meat to check if the meat has turned white and if juice is oozing out from it. If not, the pieces need further grilling.
Serve it hot
For serving grilled chicken wings, place them on a sheet tray with a dipping sauce.
Healthy and crispy
Grilled chicken wings cooked in the above way reduces a lot of fat as the saturated fat of the meat are burned and dripped off the chicken into the grill. Plus, you get a crispier meat.  
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How To Grill Chicken Wings