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How to cook fried rice quickly

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You wanted to cook fried rice for your friends and now they will be here any moment and you have no clue how to cook fried rice in 10 minutes! Well, if you are worried about how to cook fried rice quickly, here is the easiest yet one of the tastiest recipes for you. quick-fried-rice

For cooking fried rice you will need

The ingredients that you will need to prepare your quick fried rice include one box of instant rice, one egg, soy sauce, a cup of frozen vegetables, half stick butter, a can of water drained chestnuts and another can of drained bamboo shoots. Now that you got your ingredients in place, you will need a lidded skillet and a wooden spatula for cooking the ingredients.

Here’s how to cook fried rice really fast yet yummy –

•    Take the instant rice and prepare it just the way it has been directed on the box. Generally, it requires you to put one cup of water into the rice and then microwave it for say, 5 minutes. However, the steps vary slightly for different brands, so make sure you read the instructions carefully.

•    Now, it’s the butter’s turn. Put the butter in the skillet setting the flame medium high. Now, when you see you butter melting away but not yet bubbling or hissing, put the cooked instant rice into the skillet. Spread the rice well so that it covers the bottom of your skillet. Keep stirring it all times so that the rice doesn’t burn.

•    Next, it’s time for you to utilize the soy sauce. Put 4 dashes of the sauce into the skillet, but do this while you are still stirring the rice. You will see the rice turning into a light brown color.

•    Bring the egg and crack it right away into the skillet. Keep stirring and break away the egg yolk gently. The egg will immediately cook up and mix beautifully with your fried rice.

•    Now, turn down your oven’s flame and maintain a medium flame from this step. Get your mixed vegetables and start adding them slowly while you are still stirring the rice. If you feel like, you are welcome to add more soy sauce and butter at this point.

•    Now, cover your skillet with its lid and allow the rice and vegetables to cook for five minutes. And, after that your fried rice becomes ready to be eaten!

Be the star

We all know, traditional fried rice takes an eternity to cook and it is a recipe which novice chefs usually avoid for its complexity. But hope this easy and quick recipe will make you the expert chef in your friends group!

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How To Cook Fried Rice Quickly