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Tips To Fry Chicken At Home

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Fried chicken tips


Nothing works like fried chicken and a cold beer to set your day right, whatever else may be wrong with it. Although frying chicken in the oven is a simple and easy way to enjoy chicken, it may not be everybody's cup of tea. Therefore, here is a list of tips, which you can use next time you cook fried chicken at home. The result, we guarantee, would be lip-smacking.


Selecting the Chicken


  1. Pick the right cut. You can use any cut of chicken, though. Be it wings, thighs, drumsticks or breasts, keep the cut smaller. It will fry easily, quickly and crispy.
  2. You can pick a boneless or bone-in piece of chicken meat, both will turn out delicious. It depends on your personal taste and that of your family. If you like to chew on bones after gobbling up the meat, go for bone-in and if you don’t want your eating experience to be messy, opt the boneless cuts.
  3. Keeping the skin of the chicken on provides a base for the coating to stick, besides leading to a crispier final product. In addition, keeping the chicken skin on also allows a moister piece in the end.


Coating the Chicken

Choose the ingredients with which you would like to bread your chicken. Different ingredients and different coatings will have a different effect on your fried chicken. So choose wisely. You can use flour, bread crumbs, cornflakes, oats to coat your chicken in.


Cooking the Chicken

This is the last and the most important step. You can either oven-fry your chicken or pan-fry it. Both methods work well but, of course, the pan-fried chicken will have more calories to count. This video will help you understand the process better.



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Tips To Fry Chicken At Home