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How to make garlands out of dried fruit

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The holiday season is here and you are interested to learn how to make garlands out of dried fruits. Making garlands out of dried fruits may seem to be a complicated process, but once you are on it, you will know how simple and fun filled the whole activity is. Dried fruit garlands make one of the best decoration choices for the holiday season or fall. Since, these fruity garlands are fairly easy to make, you can also have your kids make them. Not only does this decoration make your home look more colorful but the smell that they exude is very pleasing and welcoming. dried-fruit-garland

Things you need

The equipments that you need for making garlands of dried fruits are a fruit dehydrator and a nylon fishing line. If you don’t have the latter, you can simply use a medium gauge wire instead. Then of course, you have to collect an assortment of all your favorite fruits. To make it more attractive and aromatic, don’t hesitate to add some cinnamon sticks, nuts, bay leaves, pinecones and any other decorative item that you feel like.

Steps on how to make garlands out of dried fruit –

•    If you are not able to pick your own choice of fruits, then you can select from these fruit options like orange, lemon, grapefruit and dry apple slices. Since these fruits are amongst the most easily available and are usually cheap, these make a great choice for making garlands of dried fruits. Once you are ready with all your fruits, you have to decide how long your garland should be. It’s always a good idea to estimate the size before you go out to purchase your fruits. That way you can have enough fruits to cover the entire garland and not fall short of it while you are still in the middle of making it.
•    Now, take all your fruits and place them in the dehydrator. Remember to follow the instructions in the dehydrator manual. If you prefer to use wire, loop the wire’s end around your pencil or a dowel. This will prevent the fruit from slipping away. If you have the fishing line, then with the help of a loop tie a knot at the end and put a button down for capping the end.

•    Keep sliding the fruits and decorative pieces one by one along the line or the wire. Once the garland is long enough for you, tie it at the end and put a button. In case of a wire, you can also make a loop so that you can easily hang it. Your dried fruit garland is ready!


To make your dry fruit garland more attractive, alternate the fruits with cinnamon sticks, pinecones, nuts and other items that you have selected.
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How To Make Garlands Out Of Dried Fruit