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How to Carve a Whole Turkey

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how to carve a whole turkey easilyThis blog will make you learn how to carve a whole turkey, so that the meat preserves its texture and flavor. You need a lot of practice if you want to be an expert in craving a whole turkey. The process needs a lot of technique and below mentioned tools: 

•    Carving knives

•    Curved meat forks

•    Cutting boards

•    Electric carving knives

•    Serving platters


How to Carve a Whole Turkey

1. Place the turkey in a way that the breast side is up and the drumsticks are facing you. Then, look for the point where the thighbone is meeting to the body of the turkey. Run the knife smoothly on that point of the turkey. 

2. Cut the thighbones joints of the turkey and separate them from the body using an electric carving knife. 

3. Then, you need to follow the same procedure and cut down the drumstick from the thigh of the turkey. Just slice from the joint and separate the drumstick delicately.

4. After that, use a sharp edge knife to separate the meat from drumstick and thigh area of the turkey. Always try to take out as much as possible meat from one piece of thigh and drumstick.

5. Make think slices of thigh and leg meat using a nibble, sharp knife.

6. Afterwards, find the connecting point between the wings and body of the turkey. You can use a knife for this purpose. Then, separate the wings from the joints by using a knife. All these steps have to be performed on a cutting platter. 

7. Cut parallel, small and thin slices from a side of the breast. Repeat of the same process to the other side of the breast as well. And your whole turkey is carved into pieces easily, thanks to the easy how to carve a whole turkey tips. 


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How To Carve A Whole Turkey