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How to caramelize sugar in the microwave

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Microwave ovens do a lot more than just reheat or thaw you food, they have a vast potential to cook gourmet meals right from scratch. With little knowledge, skill, and creativity you can melt chocolate, bake cake, roast chicken, and do much more using just your microwave; today I will show you how easy it is to caramelize sugar in the microwave.


Sugar caramelized in a microwave

Caramelizing sugar in a pan using conventional cooking techniques is tricky; you can crystallize the sugar due to excessive stirring, burn the sugar, or even worse set fire in your kitchen! That’s not the case with microwave though; you can bury all those concerns and prepare yummy golden caramel liquid in just over a few seconds. Here are the steps on how to do it:


• Place 1 cup sugar in a 2-cup Pyrex glass bowl. Add ¼ cup water to the sugar and mix. Place the bowl in a microwave and set it on high/800watts/100%.

• The sugar will take approximately 50secs to 3mins to caramelize depending on how dark and brittle you want your caramel to be - the longer you cook the darker the caramel gets.

• A quick tip would be to check on the sugar after 30sec and again after every 20 secs. The caramel continues to cook even after removing from the microwave, hence remove the caramel from the microwave when the sugar is one shade lighter than the desired color. 

• Transfer the caramel to another bowl immediately to halt the cooking and prevent the caramel from burning and getting bitter.



You can make the caramel without adding water. However, water slows down the cooking process, which is a good thing especially when cooking in a microwave. Also, water helps to prevent the sugar from scorching during the cooking process. So until you master the process of caramelizing sugar in a microwave it is better to add a small amount of water to the sugar.

Though use of Pyrex glass bowl is preferred, you can use any type of microwave safe glass bowl for making caramel.


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How To Caramelize Sugar In The Microwave