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Tips To Chop Parsley

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Adding a sprig of parsley automatically turns any meal into an elegant confluence of color and flavor, however if not chopped properly parsley can potentially ruin the best prepared dish. Remove the hard stems of parsley


Chopping parsley can be tricky; I am going to share some easy and useful tips on how to chop parsley.

• First cut off the roots and most of the lower hard stem portion of the parsley. 

• Now wash the parsley leaves under running tap water or just swish the leaves in a bowl of clean water.

• Pat it dry and place the parsley bunch over your chopping board.

• Holding the tender stems of the parsley just run your knife through the leaves, chopping the leaves as coarsely or finely as your recipe demands.Chopping parsley

• Once you have mastered this method of chopping parsley, you might want to try the chef’s method. For this prepare the parsley as mentioned above and place the leaves on the chopping board. Then hold the handle of your knife with one hand and the top edge of the knife with the other. Now run the knife across the leaves in a rocking guillotine like motion.  

The Chef's style of chopping parsley


Make sure that the parsley leaves are completely dried with a kitchen towel before you start chopping; wet leaves are difficult to handle.

Make sure that the knife you use is very sharp; this will make the chopping much easier.

Remember to handle the leaves delicately and not press them too hard, to prevent the leaves from getting damaged.

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Tips To Chop Parsley