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How To Cold Smoke Meat Recipe

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Meats can be hot smoked and cold smoked depending on your needs as well as the availability of resources. In the process of cold smoking, the meat is smoked, after it is butchered, without the presence of heat. Compared to hot smoking, cold smoking is a very long process which may take days to weeks for its completion.

Once the meat is cold smoked, it should be cooked well before it can quench your hunger. Since the cold smoking process demands a low temperature, it is always better to cold smoke the meat on colder weather seasons. Cold smoking meat enables you to extend its validity to longer periods without any damage. Have a wood smoker in place to start with the cold smoking of meat.How To Cold Smoke Meat Recipe

How To Cold Smoke Meat Recipe

1. Heat is the most important enemy when it comes to cold smoking the meat. Keep away the maximum amount of heat that you can, out of the smoking chamber. A wood smoker having offset firebox is recommended.

2. Once you are set with the smoker, you should add fuel to it. So, start by burning few pieces of charcoal in a charcoal starter and keep them in the firebox. You should occasionally energize them by adding more and more charcoals.

3. In order to create smoke, drop some wooden chips to the burning charcoals. Always maintain a balance while adding coals and wooden chips.

4. Maintain the chamber temperature around eighty and hundred degrees Fahrenheit. It’s always good to cold smoke during cold weather conditions as the possibility of intervention from surrounding temperature is very less during such times.

5. Now, take out the meat which is to be smoked and keep it in the smoker. Remember to cover the meat with sea salt before you start smoking it. The meat can be smoked for a minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 4 days. However, you can vary this time according to your time and necessity.   You should always cook a smoked meat before eating to avoid any contamination issues.

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How To Cold Smoke Meat Recipe