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How to brew root beer - the easy home brew method

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Root Beer – one of the extremely popular “small beers” was probably invented in ancient North America. Though originally made from Sassafras root, today a variety of herbs, berries, roots, and synthetic extracts are used to make root beer; I am going to show how to brew root beer at home in simple easy to follow steps. You don’t need any specialized equipment for doing this plus you can rope in the help of small kids – a good summer project for them. So on to the process:

Ingredients and Equipment: Ingredients for home brewing Root Brew

• 1 cup  - sugar 

• 1 tbsp  - Root beer extract 

• ½ tsp  â€“ Baker’s yeast powder 

• Cold filtered water 

• 2lt Bottle with tightly fitting screw caps

• Funnel


1. In a clean and sanitized bottle (this is necessary to avoid bacteria and wild yeast from destroying your brew) pour the sugar through a dry and clean funnel.

2. Add the baker’s yeast over it and shake or swirl the bottle to properly mix the sugar and yeast.

3. Add the root beer extract to the sugar-yeast mixture. Root beer extract is a thick viscous liquid, which tends to stick to the sides of the bottle and the spoon used to measure it.

Root beer is a smaal beer with very low alcohol content and a natural fizz similar to carbonated drinks.4. Rinse the spoon in 1lt cold filtered water and pour it through the funnel into the bottle. Swirl the bottle to dissolve all the contents inside. 

5. Now fill the bottle with cold filtered water all the way to the bottle neck leaving just 1” gap from above.  Invert the bottle a few times to thoroughly mix the contents. 

6. Tightly screw the bottle and set it to ferment in a dark place at room temperature for 3 to 4 days. 

7. Once the bottle feels firm and resists forceful squeezing, it is time to transfer it into the refrigerator.

8. Your root beer is ready, serve it chilled


Artificial sweeteners cannot be used instead of sugar. Sugar is a necessary substrate for the yeast to act upon and bring about fermentation. This does not happen with artificial sweeteners. 

Once the bottle feels firm chill it immediately, else the carbon dioxide produced during the fermentation will make the bottle burst.

Homemade root beer is not alcohol free, it might contain up to 0.5% to 1% alcohol. 

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How To Brew Root Beer - The Easy Home Brew Method