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How to BBQ Steaks

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Flip the steak just once to avoid drying up the meat


Summer time is here and so is the season for cooking outdoors, and no barbecue table is complete without the juicy, tender, and succulent BBQ steak. Today I am going to share some interesting tips on how to BBQ steaks. 


  • Selecting the steak: Choosing the right cut is crucial for making good BBQ steak. For this choose the most fresh and tender meat available. Tenderloin or filet mignon, T-bone, and shell steak are considered the best and most flavorful cuts for barbecuing. Once you decide upon the cut, select the steak with best features i.e., fresh red color, consistent marbling, and pliable to touch. Do not use frozen meat, the freezing and thawing process dries out the meat. 

  • Seasoning the steak: The less you meddle with your steak the better it will taste, so keep the marinades and rubs as simple and subtle as possible. The traditionalists recommend the use of just brine for marinating or brushing with basic garlic, salt and pepper rub. However, if you wish to season you steak with some spices, has some interesting marinade and spice rub recipes for BBQ steak. To prepare the steak for seasoning first trim out all the excess fat; this allows the steak to cook better without causing any flare-ups. Once this is done, pat them dry and dust some salt, garlic powder and pepper over the steaks. Remember to season on both sides of the steak. Gently massage the rub into the steak and move it directly to the grill, this way you will prevent the salt from drawing away moisture from the steak. 

  • • Getting the grill ready: Whether using a gas or charcoal grill, the grill must be pre-heated nice and hot. For this first light up the grill and let the temperature rise, once hot enough clean the grates and baste them with vegetable oil, so that the meat will not stick on to it. Now with a double charcoal layer or lighting up all the gas burner on high flame allow the grill to heat up above 300oF. This is necessary to cook the steak well. 

  • • Grilling the steak: Place the seasoned steaks over the hot grill and cook on both sides with the grill open. Note – turn the steak only once during the cooking, frequent turning and flipping will allow more juices to escape from the steak and toughen the meat. When using tender cuts like filet mignon, remember to remove out all the coal directly under it, or turn off the gas burners right under the meat in case of a gas grill, this will prevent the steak from burning. 

  • Checking for doneness: The time taken to cook a steak will depend on the thickness of the steak. A 1” steak usually requires to be cooked for about 5 mins on each side. Never cut the steak to check for doneness, this allows the vital juices to escape and turns the meat dry. Rather press the surface of the meat with the back of your tongs. For a rare steak the meat should feel soft, a medium rare steak will spring back, while a well done steak will feel firm. 

Once your steak is cooked to desired doneness, remove and rest it for 10 mins and serve. Smearing some garlic butter over the BBQ steak before serving adds flavor and crispiness to the steak.

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How To BBQ Steaks