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How to blanch and freeze vegetables?

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Blanch and freeze vegetables
Normally the presence of water in the food substance makes it spoiled due to the various cellular activities in it. These undesirable cellular activities get stopped when you freeze the food item and it stays dry in a cool environment. But vegetables will get spoiled even though it is stored in a freezer, because of some enzymes present in it.  These enzymes work with more vigor within the darkness of a freezer. To save these vegetables from spoiling, you need to blanch your vegetables.  Blanching vegetables can decompose these enzymes to save the nutritional value and flavor of the food. It is wise to blanch all vegetables except onions, peppers, and herbs.  In such a situation, most people will be repeating the same question, How to blanch and freeze vegetables
Mainly there are two types of methods for blanching and freezing vegetables. They are Blanch by boiling and Blanch by steaming.
You should boil a minimum of one gallon of water, for a pound of vegetables if you require blanching your vegetables by boiling it. You can add vegetables to the boiling water when it started boiling. You need to wait for 3-4 minutes after covering the vessel with a lid. After that cool it decently, and drain it before you sending it for packing. Once the blanching process of your vegetables is done, you should see to it that you pack the cabbage in a proper manner before being sent it for freezing.
Vegetables blanching also are being done through the process of steaming. To blanch them with steaming method, you need to suspend your vegetables above an inch or two of boiling water within a steamer basket. Cover the pot with a lid. Wait for 4 to 6 minutes after covering the pot. It is recommended to shake the basket to let the heat to reach every potion of the vegetables After that, plunk the cabbage into ice water to stop the cooking. Then, drain the water from it and then freeze it, so that you can be sure that the vegetable in your freezer is safe and nothing will be spoiling it.


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How To Blanch And Freeze Vegetables?