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How to blanch potatoes?

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Blanched Potatoes
Usually vegetables are blanched to retain their green color and freshness. But blanching potatoes have other purposes; also the blanching of potato is carried out in a different way than other vegetables. The process of blanching partially cooks the potatoes before putting it into cold water.  So it becomes soft after blanching.     It also destroys the enzymes present in the potatoes, so that it may not turn dark, even though it may exposed to oxygen, as row potatoes does. Since potato is a non-green food substance, the blanching is done on the basis of what purpose you are using it. If you want to roast or fry potatoes, it is advised to blanch them prior doing it. When you cook the blanched potatoes, the cooking time also will reduce substantially.
Usually potatoes are blanched for making French fries or other types of fries. Since if you want to have a perfectly cooked Potato fries, it is necessary to know how to blanch potatoes. There is a belief in several people that potato also is blanched in hot water as other vegetables do, even though the purpose of potato blanching is frying. But it is not correct.  
Then how to blanch potatoes, if you want to make French fries. To blanch potato, you need to use hot oil.  To blanch potatoes, you need to slice them, with or without skin. Rinse them twice in cold water, and then douse it in cold water. After an hour, run out the water and dry them properly, so that there may not be water on it.
Heat oil and it is advisable to keep the potatoes in that hot oil for one minute. Take them out from the oil after a minute and drain the oil. You can keep it for long time and can fry it deeply when you want to have it, then you will have perfectly cooked French fries for you dinner. Rather than frying it, you can also use these blanched potatoes for other purposes also if you want, even though blanched potatoes are normally used for frying.

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How To Blanch Potatoes?