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How To Cook A Soft Boiled Egg

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People often think there isn’t much deal in understanding how to cook soft boiled egg. But, I think it’s important to know the exact way of cooking soft boiled egg. An egg is only boiled for a short time period can be termed as a soft boiled egg. Due to its, very short appearance over the fume, the yolk will not be cooked fully and can be very loose even though the white may be almost boiled. Soft boiled egg must be consumed immediately as there is chance for bacterial contamination.

Guidelines for cooking soft boiled eggs

1. Precision timing is the watch word in soft boiled egg cooking. The egg can be very distasteful if it gets undercooked and hard-boiled if it is overcooked.  So, always remember the above watch word. How to cook soft boiled egg

2. To get the soft-boiled egg in the right form and shape, you should ensure that it is cooked only for three minutes after the water starts to boil.

3. Once again, I stress on the time factor. It is very likely to skip the three minutes mark of boiling the egg. You are sure to find the eggs little hard if you take it too early. Same way, if you exceed the time limit even by a small fraction, you may be finding a runny and unpalatable oval shell to deal with. This means that you have to even consider the smallest details while cooking soft boiled egg. You can set the three minute timer once the water has reached a constant boiling state.

4. Once the stipulated period of three minutes are over, you must quickly take out the egg from the boiling water and keep it under cold water for a minimum of 30 seconds. Once you are sure that the egg shell is cool enough, the very next thing to do is to crack its shell, and slice the egg into two pieces using a kitchen knife. Now, you can scoop out all the perfectly soft-boiled interior contents of your soft-boiled egg to your favorite English muffin or toast.                                                                     (Image Courtesy: Flickr )

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How To Cook A Soft Boiled Egg