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How to blanch peppers - Pepping up your recipes

It feels good to have freshness of health and goodness with your fruits and vegetables. Much as it may sound distant, blanching helps you achieve just that. Let’s look into how to blanch peppers, a crucial spice that peps up our delicacies and adds a zing to them.

Blanching is a pre-cooking technique, which as mentioned above helps to keep your vegetables and fruit fresh, and stay long either in the refrigerator or otherwise.
The nutrients present in our food items especially fruits and vegetables are constantly under enzyme action. These enzymes and bacteria present in the fruit or vegetable slowly decompose the nutrients, making them lose freshness, and don a garb of the ‘old wrinkled man’.

blanching peppers techniques for spicing up you menu, anytime
It is impossible to have garden-fresh vegetables everyday by tripping to the market for that very purpose – a toll on time and energy. And at the same time, it’s not a tasteful idea to cook shrivelled stuff and expect nutrition or flavour from it.
If you are the kind who stocks up your larder once-a- week and prefer to retain freshness, then Blanching comes to your rescue. This process hampers the enzyme or bacteria action and helps your veggies look and feel fresh.

How to blanch peppers?

Peppers of any kind: banana, bell, chilli, jalapeño, hot and sweet can be blanched and kept under cold storage for long-term use.
Before stepping into the procedure of how to blanch peppers, make sure to have your pick of garden-fresh, crisp and tender peppers.

• Once you have bagged your peppers for blanching, put them in a basket or colander, and wash them in cold or lukewarm water.

• Cut the peppers into halves and deseed them. You can cut them into rings or julienne, whichever way you want to use them.

• For the blanching process, get a large vessel of boiling water ready, along with a container holding iced water.

• Allow the water to boil. Once this stage is reached put the peppers in the boiling water. For pepper halves slot a time for 3 –minute blanching and for pepper julienne and rings blanching time of 2- minutes would suffice.

• Once the peppers are satisfactorily blanched, strain the water from the vessel and transfer the peppers into the container with ice-cubes or freezing cold water. This will ensure that the peppers don’t get over-cooked. For best results the freezing time is taken equivalent to the blanching time. This step is important in the process of how to blanch peppers.

• The freezing time, up, you could strain the iced container again and transfer your peppers into a sealed container or a zip-locked bag, before storing it into the freezer.

Blanching is one peppy technique to keep your veggies fresh and how to blanch peppers sure opens the spice-route to savour dishes in a fulsome, wholesome and flavoursome manner!

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How To Blanch Peppers - Pepping Up Your Recipes