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How to peel hard boiled eggs

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Peeling hard boiled eggs can be a painstaking task. But with only spoons, bowl and water you can do the trick. Just follow these five simple steps and peel the hard boiled eggs without any mess.Hard Boiled Eggs

Step 1: After you have hard boiled the egg just pour out the hot water and put the eggs in icy cold water. If possible add a bit of salt into the water before boiling the eggs. This will make the peeling easier.
Step 2: Next, take out the egg. Hold it in one hand and the spoon on the other hand.
Step 3: Crack the surface of the shell with the edge of the spoon. Don't do this vigorously.
Step 4: Continue Step 3 till the egg is more or less cracked.
 Then put the hard boiled egg in a bowl of luke warm water. The shell will easily slip off.

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How To Peel Hard Boiled Eggs