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how to bbq filet mignon

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Filet mignon is always a delicious treat! The best way to cook a filet mignon is to barbeque it and believe me the barbequed filet mignon comes out perfectly every time!  
When you learn how to bbq filet mignon, you will know that filet mignon needs very little preparation to get great results. Here's how to bbq filet mignon.

1. Always go for a simple marinade or sauce that brings out the natural flavor of the filet mignon. You can also just rub the steaks with seasoning for example cracked black pepper or a steak rub. A simple marinade consists of extra virgin olive oil, minced garlic, and pepper. You can marinade the Filet mignon in a shallow dish and make sure to turn the steaks in the marinade or sauce to coat both sides. Remember to cover the marinated filet mignon before putting it in the refrigerator overnight.
2. Before you bbq filet mignon remember to preheat the grill medium-high heat.
3. Remove the marinated filet mignon from refrigerator about an hour before grilling.  
4. Commonly both sides of the filet mignon should be cooked for around four minutes. The first side of the filet mignon should be seared before flipping the steak. While you bbq filet mignon use tongs instead of a fork to turn the steak. If you use fork it will pierce the meat and allow the juice to escape.
5. Always make sure to test the temperature of the filet mignon. In general a filet mignon should be cooked to 130 degrees.
Try to bbq filet mignon this waythe next time and serve this barbequed filet mignon with an appetizer of shrimp cocktail and be ready for a superb romantic meal. (photo courtesy: bbq filet migno

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How To Bbq Filet Mignon