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How to Remove a Turkey Neck & Giblets

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Through this blog we will tell you how to remove a turkey neck and giblets. Are you planning to roast turkey for dinner? Make sure that you remove the neck and giblets before you cook the turkey. The turkey can be cooked right away in its frozen state, if it does not have giblets. However, most turkeys available in the market are sold with these parts, so you must thaw the bird first and then remove these parts. 


1.    Every four pounds of turkey should be thawed for at least one day in the refrigerator. For example, if you have 12-pound of turkey to freeze, it will take about three days to thaw. Alternatively, the every two pounds of the bird may be soaked in cold water for four hours.


2.    Remove the wrapping from the turkey. Hold the legs in one place while you unhook them from the metal retainer. 


3.    Remove the neck by reaching inside the turkey. The neck will be easy to remove as it will loosen in the cavity in case the bird is thawed properly. Keep the neck separately to cook it. 


4.   Locate the giblet which is either inside the neck cavity or the main cavity of the turkey. Once located, it should be removed and set aside along with the neck. The giblet package will include the heart, liver and gizzard.  


5.    Rinse the inner part of Turkey with cold water. And cook the turkey in any way that you want to. The neck and the giblets can either be cooked separately or they may be thrown away.

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How To Remove A Turkey Neck & Giblets