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How to Make a Kitchen Herb Bouquet?

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If you look around your kitchen, you will find herbs lying everywhere; Herbs such as parsley, sage, dill, basil, etc. You use these herbs in your daily as well as occasional cooking and they have never let you down in front of family or guests.
Now here is one more way of using these herbs; in the form of a herb bouquet, which not only makes for easy usage but also serves as a good decoration for your kitchen. We are here to teach you how to make a kitchen herb bouquet in a quick and easy manner.
Step 1: Choose Your Kitchen Herb Bouquet:
Decide whether you want a fresh or dried kitchen herb bouquet and collect the herbs accordingly. If you want a fresh bouquet, then you can use the herbs as it is or purchase fresh herbs from the market and prepare a Kitchen herb bouquet right away. However, if you want the bouquet to last a little longer, use dried herbs. You can purchase dried herbs from the market as well as dry them at home. In any case, make sure that the herbs are pesticide-free, preferably organic.
Step 2: Things You Need for A Kitchen Herb Bouquet:
Assuming that you want a dried kitchen herb bouquet, you need:
•    Dried Parsley sprigs
•    Dried Basil sprigs
•    Dried Dill stalks
•    Dried Sage sprigs
•    Garlic and Onion bulbs
•    6 pieces of 7-inch-long ribbon
•    A ball of string
•    Scissors
To make it easy for you to make your first kitchen herb bouquet, we suggest that you use no more than 4-5 sprigs or stalks and 3-4 bulbs of the herbs mentioned above.
Step 3: How To Make Your Kitchen Herb Bouquet:
We bring you the step-wise guide to tie together the herb bouquet:
•    Take your parsley sprigs and tie them together with one of the 7-inch ribbons, securing the bunch with a knot. Repeat this with the sage, basil, dill, onion and garlic.
•    Once you have all the herbs and the bulbs tied in separate bunches, you tie all the six separate bunches into one big bunch, with a long piece of string.
•    Voila! Your Kitchen herb bouquet is ready to be hung upside down in your kitchen as a decoration piece. You can even store your herb bouquet inside a pot.
•    In addition, whenever you need to use any of the herbs or bulbs, just pluck a leave or two and put it into your cooking dish. So easy and so convenient!
Step 4: Things To Remember For Your Kitchen Herb Bouquet:
You can even improve upon the basic herb bouquet that we taught you to make above.
•    While gathering fresh herbs for your bouquet, ensure that these have long stems.
•    You can experiment with your Kitchen Herb Bouquet  by adding a whole lot of other things like: celery leaves, lime zest, tarragon, summer savory, chervil, peppercorns, etc.
•    For some more effect in the bouquet, tie the individual bunches together with a strip of well-cleaned leek leaf. (Photo courtesy: Google images)

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How To Make A Kitchen Herb Bouquet?