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Chopping Onions Pole to Pole

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A friend of mine asked me what chopping an onion 'pole to pole' was today and this was my answer...

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How to Chop Onions
How to chop onions without going all teary. Want to dined out? Then check this video. Knowing how to slice an onion effectively will hold you in good stead as it is used in a range of dishes. So watch this

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Great detailed video!
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cutting an onion looks so easy and without the tears i
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No tears on this one - but I hear if you get a really powerful one and you start to feel the tears - stick your head in the freezer for a few seconds and it's supposed to help? Bobby Flay said that once during a taping of Boy Meets Grill - he started chopping an onion and instantly the tears started rolling!
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My eyes are very sensitive and when the burn begins-I just walk away and Steve is official onion and chile sous chef. I wear contacts and take them out each night he doesn't and well Hunan-hand as it's called from chopping chiles is well....................don't ever touch your eyes, face, etc. after chopping or slices chiles
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We have classified this video as educational. Does Educational word sound too formal? Should we rename Educational category to Tips or Training? With Regards, Admin
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How-To might be a good tag for the category?
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How about Food Tips , or pointers The Tortilla Guy
Chopping Onions Pole To Pole Video, How To Chop Onions