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The Right Way to Stone Olives

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A quick how 2 - stoning olives...

Also Known as: 
How to Stone Olives
Stoning polives can be boring and tedious, but with these tips you will learn how to effectively stone olives the right way. Watch it.

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I use a cherry pitter-fast and clean and easy. You know another gadget for your kitchen.
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That would make it easier, but 1 I don't need another gadget for I'm running out of space and 2 I like to be more hands on...
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Nice , I am glad you didn't go and buy a special gadget for that !!! The Tortilla Guy
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I try to keep the gadgets to a minimum in the kitchen - I prefer to just use as little beyond a good knife...
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Sometimes gadgets are fun !!! The Tortilla Guy
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Another thing with using a pitter is that sometimes they can break or split the pit leaving an unsuspected part of the pit in the olive... Personally when I do it I check each and every one to make sure nothing is left behind (a once broken tooth on a pit will help you spend the time to do that...)
The Right Way To Stone Olives Video, How To Stone Olives