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The Right Method of Braising Meat

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How to Braising

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New to braising?? Chef Vibs gives you the basic tips for braising meat or fish.

• Braising means to cook in a tightly covered pan with a small amount of liquid.
• The meat to be braised is browned on all sides using dry heat or a small amount of oil.
• Once seared and browned nicely, some liquid is added to the meat. The pan is again covered and allowed to cook.
• The cooked meat is served with the liquid it was cooked in.

Do you have more tips on braising? Or tips on recipes or which liquids or sauces turn out great with meat or fish? Share with us… leave a comment!

Also Known as: 
Meat Braising Technique
Braising is a cooking method often used for tougher cuts of meat or vegetables. It is always cooked in liquids. Here the video will show you how to braise meat.

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The Right Method Of Braising Meat Video, Meat Braising Technique