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How to Remove the Stalk of Asparagus

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Fresh Asparagus

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Preparing a dish with asparagus?
The stalk of the asparagus is the sweetest part of the vegetable. However one needs to remove a part of it to cook too. How do we determine at which length to chop it.
Well, here is a simple method:
Hold the asparagus spear at the base and bend it a firmly but gently. The stalk will automatically break at the desired and correct location.

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Fresh Asparagus Stalk Selection
Asparagus is a perennial spring vegetable and is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. The stalks of asparagus is very useful in cooking. Fresh and tender stalks are used in preparing asparagus recipes. The video will show you how to select fresh asparagus stalks.

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How To Remove The Stalk Of Asparagus Video, Fresh Asparagus Stalk Selection