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Yogi Tea

Yogi tea is a brand that manufactures some wonderful and aromatic premium teas such as herbal, black, green and even red teas. This tea got its name from the fact that a spicy tea was served at the end of every yoga class of Yogi Bhajan, an Indian spiritual teacher responsible for introducing Sikhism into the West. This tea was spiced with five different traditional Ayurvedic spices such as cinnamon bark, ginger root, cardamom seed, clove bud and black pepper. With its network spread all across United States and Europe, this particular brand of tea is known for its splendid range of flavors and aromas. Today, there are innumerable recipes of this particular tea that help in catering to some specific health needs.

Ingredients Used in the Preparation of Yogi Brand of Tea

The main ingredients that are used for making Yogi Tea are filtered water; black tea leaves (decaf), spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, black pepper and ginger root. After boiling water, the spices are added one after the other and allowed to boil a while. To this, the tea leaves are added and allowed to stay. Once well-steeped, the tea is strained and consumed as desired. This particular tea can also be boiled (the Indian way) along with the spices. Adding milk/cream is optional.

The spices are also sold packaged in the teabags. Irrespective of the variation, the five basic spices as used in the original tea are used in various combinations in almost all the teas of this brand.

Yogi Tea Benefits

The various combinations and variations of this tea have been developed keeping in mind the end result i.e., how it benefits and aids one’s health. Some health benefits of consuming this tea are –

  • It strengthens the nervous system
  • Ensures clarity of mind
  • Prevents cold, allergies and certain other illnesses
  • Energizes the body

Types of Teas under Yogi Brand

Over the years, a range of teas have been developed under the brand of Yogi Tea, while using blends of the same five basic spices. The broad range of tea categories of this brand include –

Green Tea Variations – These teas are not only healthy, but help in detoxifying as well.

  • Blueberry Slim Life – This tea is a wonderful inclusion and supports the weight loss program that one is following. Along with the benefits of green tea, this tea also contains natural extract of Garcinia Cambogia, which assists in suppressing the appetite.

  • Green Tea Energy – This tea helps in improving the overall wellbeing by restoring the internal balance of one’s system.

There are many more such similar green teas of this brand, each with its own health benefits.

Herbal Tea Variations – These variations of the Yogi Tea have many health as well as beauty benefits.

  • Berry Detox – The fruit antioxidants and purifying herbs help in detoxifying the system.

  • Calming – This tea helps in relaxing and bringing down the stress levels, without causing drowsiness.

Breathe Deep, Aztec Sweet Chili, Chai Black, Chai Green, Classic India Spice, etc are certain other variations of herbal tea.

Woman’s Tea Variations– These are some options specially meant for women -

  • Woman’s Moon Cycle – This tea helps in restoring hormonal balance and also in regulating the menstrual cycle.
  • Woman’s Mother to Be – This nice flavored tea helps expectant mothers while supporting the uterus.

Serving & Storing of Yogi Brand Tea

It is always preferable to prepare around two quarts of Yogi Tea, which can be stored in the refrigerator. It can also be frozen, if required. Whenever, required the chilled tea can be heated and honey and/or milk can be added, as desired.