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Yarrow Tea

Yarrow tea is an herbal tea, which is best known for its medicinal features as it has been found effective in various kinds of ailments and thus, the herb used in its preparation is popularly called “healing herb”. The yarrow plants are found in Northern hemisphere, where the tea prepared from yarrow leaves helps in flushing out all the toxins from the body, thus keeping the digestive system in good condition.

Yarrow Tea Recipe- Ingredients Used and Preparation Process

Dried yarrow herb is the main ingredient used in the preparation of the tea. Water and honey (or sugar) are the other ingredients.

One spoon of dried yarrow herbal leaves are added in one cup boiling water, allowed to immerse for around ten minutes, to which honey or sugar is added for sweetness. A few people prefer adding lemon for flavor.

Yarrow Tea Benefits

The benefits of yarrow tea are innumerable, a few of which are discussed here:

  • The tea is considered to be beneficial in stimulating appetite, promoting blood circulation, and treating gastritis.

  • This tea also helps in treating cold and fever.

  • A decoction of yarrow tea leaves, when rubbed on the scalp has been proved to delay baldness.

  • The tea acts as a very effective tonic, where it aids in keeping the digestive system healthy, by eliminating all the unnecessary waste from the body. Indigestion is also prevented with the aid of consumption of this herbal tea.

  • The tea is considered to be an effective astringent, where it helps in preventing hemorrhage and contracting blood vessels. Also, the problem of elevated blood pressure can be dealt effectually. Further intestinal bleeding and heavy menstruation can be kept under control.

  • The antiseptic features of the tea play a great role in preventing formation of gallstones.

  • All the stress would be gone after drinking a cup of yarrow tea, where an individual would feel greatly refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • The tea is considered to be rich in anti-inflammatory features.

  • Chest infections can be treated with the help of this herbal tea. Also, the tea is regarded to be beneficial for asthma patients.

  • Cardiovascular problems can be kept at bay by consuming this tea.

  • The tea also helps in dealing with liver problems.

  • A tea prepared from calendula and yarrow leaves helps in strengthening the weak veins.

Side Effect of Yarrow Concoction

It is recommended to drink yarrow tea only for a limited time period, as elongated use of the tea may increase sensitivity of skin to light.