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Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea is tea sweetened with sugar or a sweetener. The sweetening ingredient is added to the tea water while it is brewing or immediately after it when the water is very hot. In western countries the tea is usually served chilled after the addition of the sweetener, in which case it is known as iced tea. In other countries, the tea may be served hot after the addition of the sweetener. A popular beverage from the Southern cuisine, the sweet tea is available commercially in the form of bottled iced tea called “Southern-style” or “Extra Sweet Southern Style”. Southern fast food joints usually serve chilled sweet tea which is a staple beverage in the region.

Preparation of Sweet Tea

The sweet tea is conveniently prepared using tea bags from an authentic manufacturer. The tea bags are placed in sufficient water which is boiled for sometime. The liquid is allowed to steep after removing from fire. The tea is poured into a pitcher. The tea is served chilled with some ice cubes in it.

Sweet Tea Recipes

Popular sweet tea recipes include those made with lemon and mint flavorings.