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Sun Tea

Sun Tea is a special variety of tea produced by the Asian Sun Company. This tea can be specifically categorized as the Wu Yi Yan Cha variety that is packaged and sold by the Asian Sun Tea company


This variety of sun tea is a very famous tea that is grown in the Fujian Province of China. Wu Yi Yan Cha tea that is packaged and sold by the Asia Sun Tea Company is a special category of Wulong tea that is grown only near Wu Yi Yan Cha city of China. The city is a heritage site as categorized by UNESCO and the area is famous for its tea production. This Wu Yi Yan Cha tea is also a sub variety of Wulong tea but it is very rare. The region was famous for its tea production from the time of the Song Dynasty. During this time, all tea was compressed adn sold in the form of cakes. But the arrival of the Ming Dynasty resulted in the loose tea called the Wu Yi Yan Cha variety that is sold nowadays. This partially oxidized variety of tea is used to produce Wu Yi Yan Cha that is processed by the Asian Sun Company to produce Sun Tea.

Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

The Asian Sun Company produces a liquid variety of the tea that can be poured over ice and consumed like iced tea. The tea leaves are also available as an herbal mix. Traditionally, Wu Yi Yan Cha is brewed with hot water in a special Yixing teapot. The tea has to be steeped for 30-45 minutes before drinking.

Health and Nutrition Facts

Asian Suun tea has a whole range of ingredients like caffeine, theophylline, saponins, theobromine, essential vitamins like carotene, vitamin B, vitamins C, calcium, flouride, magnesium iron, strontium, etc. The exact nutritional value will differ depending on the location tea growth and the variety of Sun tea that is prepared.


Sun Tea also refers to a popular method of brewing tea by using sunlight. The exact variety of tea that is used will vary.