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Stevia Tea

Stevia Tea is a kind of beverage prepared from the sweet stevia leaves. The stevia leaf abundantly grown in Paraguay and much of the South American continent is usually used as a healthy substitute for cane syrup and sugar. The stevia leaves contain a compound which is considered to be 30 times stronger than the regular cane sugar. The stevia leaves are also known as sweet herb or honey leaves. The stevia leaves are enriched with non-toxic and non –caloric molecules which make it a good drinking choice at any given point of the time.

Origin of Honey Leaf Tea
The Guarani population of Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil has been using stevia leaves as a sweetener since very long time. They were the first to prepare the stevia teas and employ it for different medicinal purposes. Guaranis used stevia for sweetening their foods and prepare many medicinal teas for treating heartburns and relative ailments. It is not exactly known as to when Guarani people started using the tea as a medicine because it was alwaysan integral part of their collective conscience. They also served the leaves to their cattle folk to cure the ailments.

Serving Suggestions for Honey Leaf Tea

For best results the stevia tea can be combined with regular hot and iced tea and coffee beverages.

Benefits of Stevia Tea
The Stevia tea is valued for its taste and nutritive value.

  • It is rich in different types of minerals such as carbohydrates, calcium and potassium.
  • Tea is considered to be abundant in minerals such as vitamin A and C.
  • The tea is valued for its medicinal benefits and is used to improve health It is specifically considered good for the oral hygiene.
  • It aids in digestion and is used to reduce the elevated blood sugar levels in diabetics.
  • The tea is considered to be good for curbing fatigue, bloating and headaches that are associated with the over consumption of artificial sweeteners.

Side Effects

Until now there are no known side effects of this tea but the scientists are testing it rigorously for any reported allergic reaction.

Non- food Uses of Stevia Tea

The tea is also used as the antiseptic lotion. It is applied on the infected area for fast and better relief.