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Sage Tea

Sage tea is a concoction or infusion of sage, one of the highly used medicinal herbs renowned for its various curing properties, one of which is by strengthening the functions of the internal body organs. The infusion of sage or the sage juice in warm water is a valuable agent in treating various ailments such as typhoid fever, cough, excessive bleeding during menstruation and digestive problems.

History of Sage Infusion

Sage tea is considered to be one of the oldest forms of tea due to the age old history of the herb as a medicine. Many countries such as Egypt, China, Germany and United States use sage tea as a healthy concoction. In ancient Egypt, the herb was used as a fertility medicine.

According to Dioscorides, the Greek physician in 1st century C.E. had introduced this decoction made with sage as a helpful medicine in treating the sores, ulcers and even to cure the wounds effectively by stopping excessive bleeding.

Ancient herbalists use to suggest this herbal brew for curing hoarseness and sore throat. Gargles are the most common forms of using this infusion.

From the period of 1840 to 1900, sage and the sage drink were listed in the Pharmacopoeia of America.

Preparation and Serving Suggestions for Maximizing Sage Tea Benefits

Sage tea was essentially prepared by submerging the sage leaves in warm water. Sage is generally used in dried form or as powder even though fresh sage leaves are also often used in making this drink. Various tea bags are also available in the health stores that contain dried sage leaves.

Preparation of this tea is really easy that requires only brewing of the herb in the warm water. The herb should steep in the hot water for at least 3-5 minutes so as to get the perfect flavor.

A squeeze of lemon juice and a dash of honey go very well with the tea. This tea can either be served hot or cold at anytime of day.

Common Sage Tea Benefits

Sage tea is recognized worldwide as a Chinese drink, because China is said to the place of origin of this herbal tea. The tea has various health benefits that are listed below:

· This tea gives a soothing effect to the nerves.

· This is a very helpful remedy for all types of stomach problems as it aids in strengthening the digestive system.

· For sore throat and for treating hoarseness, sage infusion is highly beneficial when used as a gargle.

· Stomach worms an also be effectively expelled with the regular consumption of sage drink.

· Liver and kidney problems may also be treated with this herbal tea.

· It is a great tonic for hair.

· Externally, this decoction is used as a wash that is quite effective for stopping the bleeding of wounds.

· Typhoid and other fevers can be easily reduced by drinking tea made of sage.

· For females, sage drink is extremely helpful in reducing excessive bleeding during menstruation and even helps in drying the breast milk after nursing period is over.

· This drink is an effective treatment of diarrhea.


According to the researchers, the element that is responsible for the therapeutic properties of sage tea is the volatile oil present in the sage.