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Rosemary Tea

Rosemary tea is an aromatic herbal beverage made by brewing the leaves of rosemary, a popular herb used extensively in cooking. It has been indicated that in some countries, the tea is the most widely consumed drink after water. The herbal tea has been used for medicinal purposes for many decades. It is also one of the most refreshing drinks around and is consumed in both hot and cold forms. The taste of the tea, unlike most herbal beverages, does not strike first time drinkers as unpleasant and one does not have to get used to the taste.

Preparation of the Herbal Tea

The tea is fairly easy to prepare and is made much like regular tea. To make one cup of tea, 1 tablespoon of the dried rosemary leaves is added to 1 cup of boiling water. Rosemary tea is brewed for about 10 minutes and then strained. Sweeteners are strictly optional but people who prefer a sweeter drink add honey instead of sugar to keep the beverage healthier.

Historically Cited Rosemary Tea Benefits

Rosemary has been cultivated and used as a herb as well as a medicine since 500 B.C., and critics believe that the tea is almost as old. The powerful antioxidant properties of the tea first caught the attention of Roman and Egyptian herbalists and physicians in the 16th century. The physician Paracelsus used the tea as a tonic for the whole body, including the brain, liver and heart. Since then, Rosemary tea has been used as a medicine to cure various minor and major ailments. It has also been considered and prescribed as an effective weight-loss remedy for many centuries. The tea has been believed to have the ability to treat various physical problems.

Rosemary Tea Benefits as Known in Modern Times

The herbal tea is popularly believed to be an effective weight-loss remedy. It works by increasing the rate of metabolism and detoxifying the body. In addition, the tea is widely quoted as to be beneficial in fighting headaches, nausea, fatigue and joint pains, to name a few minor physical discomforts. Research has proved that drinking the tea helps improve memory and also helps in prevention and progression of Alzheimer's Disease.

Regular drinking benefits the digestive tract. Other discomforts from which Rosemary tea can provide relief include amenorrhea, menstrual cramps and fever.