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Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Red raspberry leaf tea is a healthy concoction prepared with the leaves of the raspberry plant. Rubus idaeus is the scientific name for the pale-green raspberry leaf. Folk medicinal culture describes the usage of this tea due to its rich nutritional value. The tea is full of tannins, essential vitamins and healthy minerals.

Generally, raspberry leaves are brewed in water to make a raspberry leaf infusion that is said to be helpful for women during pregnancy.

History of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

According to folklore, red raspberry leaf infusion is a traditional medicine for pregnant ladies as it helps in delivery. However, this claim is not scientifically proven.

Ingredients and Preparation of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Ideally, the red raspberry leaf tea is prepared by infusing raspberry leaves into water. Steeping of leaves in warm water is the best method to extract the flavor and the health benefits of leaves. It is suggested that herbal raspberry leaves should be used in fresh form, but if fresh leaves are not accessible easily then dried leaves or powder may be used. In herbal stores or in health stores, the dried leaves may easily be founded.

Raspberry leaves are added to the mug or teapot and warm water is poured over them. Steeping should be done for at least 7-10 minutes. It is not a kind of black tea or regular tea, hence longer steeping would not result in bitter infusion. For extra healthy concoction, red hip, chamomile, hibiscus and stevia may also be added.

Consumption of Raspberry Leaf Tea during Pregnancy

For pregnant ladies, red raspberry leaf tea is a beneficial infusion as it eases delivery. It is a myth that tea induces labor and increases contractions, but it aids in strengthening the muscles surrounding pelvic and uterus area.

During the first 6 months of pregnancy, 1 cup of raspberry tea per day is extremely beneficial and in the last three months, it is recommended to have 2-3 cups of tea everyday.

Red Raspberry Tea Benefits

Raspberry tea is a health tonic containing essential nutrients that helps in strengthening the muscles and providing health during pregnancy. Some health benefits are as follows:

  • This healthy infusion helps in reducing constipation.
  • Tones the pelvic muscles and makes stronger uteric muscles.
  • Eases labor pain and helps in contractions.
  • It even prevents miscarriage among pregnant ladies.
  • Healthy Vitamins and minerals present in tea are beneficial for overall body system.


  • Raspberry leaf tea is a helpful brew for ladies trying to conceive.
  • Midwives in UK, claimed that use of red raspberry leaf tea increases the risk of miscarriage, hence physician or herbalist should be consulted.