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Red Clover Tea

Red clover tea is the beverage prepared by crushing the flowers of red clover herb which grows in the meadows of Europe and Asia. The dried or fresh blossoms of the herb are used in the preparation of the tea. The tea prepared from crushed red clover flowers is revered due to its medicinal values. In ancient times the tea was served as a medical potion rather than a refreshing drink. The oral and external uses of tea are mentioned in many of the medical texts produced around the world. Today the red clover is cultivated in much of Australia and America as nitrogen fixing herb.

Origin of Tea Prepared Using Red Clover
There are not much historical evidences to corroborate the birth of red clover tea, but it is believed that this tea has been an integral part of the food culture since time immemorial. It was normally served to ward off different ailments. The mention of red clover as a detoxification herb can be found in many of the ancient Chinese medical texts. Other than that the red clover has served as a cattle herb since time immemorial. During middle ages it was tied on the corners of the home to ward off the evils. People believed that the two leaf clover had immense powers and it allowed the maiden to see her suitor.

Red Clover Tea Recipe : Ingredients Used and Method of Preparation
Red clover flowers and water are the ingredients required for preparing red clover tea. The dried or fresh clover blossoms are steeped in the boiling water, strained and served in cups. They can be sweetened according to taste preferences. The tea can also be prepared without boiling the water, in which case the red clover is added to the pitcher of water and further refrigerated until the time before serving.

Red Clover Tea Benefits
The red clover is found to be rich in phytoestrogens called isoflavone. This phytoestrogen is known to aid in curbing the severity of many diseases. The tea is normally recommended for women attaining menopausal age because it supplies natural estrogens to the body and relieves them from painful menopause symptoms. The antioxidants in red clover help to prevent diseases and aid in fight against premature aging. The red clover tea is also considered as an effective remedy for curing respiratory ailments like cough , cold and bronchitis.