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Pineapple Tea

Pineapple tea is made from pineapple, one of the world's most widely consumed fruits. There are various different species of pineapple grown across the world and tea is made from dried pineapple skin, and sometimes the leaves, when the fruit has ripened well as tea made from unripe pineapple can often be toxic.

Due to the pineapple's naturally sweet flavor, the tea also tastes sweet and it is a refreshing and delicious beverage.

Although the beverage is mostly served as iced tea, some people prefer the hot version as well. While it is true that pineapple is most consumed raw and as a fruit, the skin in this case is completely wasted. Making tea from it is, therefore, a practical and important way to extract all the goodness that the peel has to offer.

Pineapple Tea: Ingredients Required and Preparation Overview

The tea is prepared much like other herbal and regular teas. The dried leaves or skin are mixed with boiling water and brewed for about 10-15 minutes. The tea is then strained and served immediately if a hot beverage is preferred. In case of iced tea, the strained tea is cooled and then prepared with ice and cold water and served.

The preparation of pineapple tea is fairly simple and the making time is about 20 minutes.

Pineapple Tea Benefits

For centuries, pineapple and beverages made from it have been used as remedies for various health and medical problems. The tea made from the fruit is known to have various benefits in both everyday physical discomforts as well as some more complex medical complications.

Pineapple tea is replete with antioxidants and protease enzymes which are popular for their anti-inflammatory properties. The tea also helps boost the immune system and is packed with vitamins and minerals. The tea battles everyday ailments like flu, colds, cough, headaches and fevers. It is also beneficial when consumed everyday for joint pains and arthritis. During the summer, iced tea made from pineapple is considered a healthy and refreshing beverage. The tea is also good for stress and exhaustion due to its calming and soothing properties.

The herbal beverage is a safe and natural remedy for weight loss as it detoxifies the body and promotes its healthy functioning. It is also good for the bones and helps maintain their strength.