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Milk Tea

Milk tea, also known as Hong Kong Tea or Dai Pai Dong, is a beverage made of black tea and evaporated milk. The history says that the milk tea originated in Hong Kong during the British rule. The British has a practice of drinking black tea served with milk and sugar, in the afternoon. It is during this period that the concept of afternoon tea became popular in Hong Kong. The only difference is that the Hong Kongers have their tea with evaporated milk. The tea became so popular in Hong Kong that the natives started including it for breakfast as well as dinner. The Hong Kongers prefer having their milk tea in ceramic cups or tall cylindrical plastic glasses.

Popular Milk Tea Recipes

A popular milk tea recipe is the iced milk tea which is made with ice cubes. During the olden days when ice cubes were not very popular, hot milk tea was poured into bottles and later chilled in a refrigerator. Another popular variety of milk tea is the Cha Chow, which replaces evaporated milk by condensed milk, and is sweeter than the usual milk tea. This variant of milk tea is very popular among the older generation.