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Matula tea

Matula tea refers to the unique herbal tea which is quite popular for dealing with H-pylori infection (infection caused due to helicobacter bacterium found in stomach), where the herbal tea is believed to deal with the problem in an effective and safe manner, and is considered to be even more powerful than the antibiotics which are used in the treatment process. In spite of pills and tablets, matula is available in tea form as the absorption of liquids takes place in a quick and effective way as compared to absorption of pills, hence providing relief from H-pylori effectually and quickly.

Matula Tea Recipe- Ingredients and Preparation Overview


Matula herbal tea formulation is a blend of six different plants viz fabaceae, asteraceae, myrtaceae, rosaceae, asphodelaceae, oleaceae, where no artificial additives are added in preparing the matula herbal formula.


Flowers, leaves, twigs, stems, and berries of all these plants are combined together to prepare matula tea, with all the minerals and vitamins being preserved during the formulation of the tea.

Matula Tea Benefits

A few popular benefits of matula herbal tea are listed below:

  • The matula herb is very well known for dealing with stomach ulcers. Matula herbal tea is considered to be the best treatment with respect to stomach ulcers as active ingredients present in the tea can be absorbed quickly and efficiently by the body, hence boosting up the process of healing.

  • The problems of acid reflux and candida are also dealt successfully with the help of consumption of matula tea.

  • All kinds of digestive disorders are treated successfully with the consumption of this herbal tea.

  • The tea is non toxic in nature and does not have any severe side effects.

Tip-It is recommended to drink the tea regularly for around a month to notice effectual results with respect to stomach related disorders. However pregnant ladies should seek the advice of the health practitioner, before consuming this herbal tea. Also, people on any other medication, especially those seeking blood thinning treatment, should surely seek doctor’s advice before making use of matula tea formulation.