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Licorice Root Tea

Licorice root tea refers to the tea prepared from licorice root herb, which is grown extensively in Asia and Europe. The herb appears yellow from inside and brown from outside and the herbal tea made from it has been in use for several years to deal with several illnesses. The licorice root herb is also called by the name “sweet root” as it is enriched with a compound which is exceedingly sweet (around fifty times than sugar).

The tea is known by several other names such as Spanish licorice tea, glycyrrhiza glabra tea, and sweet root tea.

Commonly Used Ingredients and Preparation Overview of Sweet Root Tea

Licorice root tea leaves, honey and water are the main ingredients required in the preparation process of this tea. Also, peppermint leaves and mint can be used for enhanced flavor.

The tea leaves are poured in boiling water and the mix is allowed to boil at low flame for around ten minutes, after which, the flame is turned off, the peppermint leaves are added and the pot is covered for a few minutes, so as to allow the tea leaves to immerse. Thereafter the tea is strained, honey is added and the tea is served after garnishing it with mint leaf.

Licorice Root Tea Benefits

The licorice herbal tea is considered to be extremely beneficial in dealing with various kinds of ailments from the complicated liver disease to a normal cold. Some of its benefits are as follows -

  • Licorice root tea is very soothing in nature and helps in refreshing the mind of an individual.

  • This herbal tea is known as a good expectorant, where it assists in getting rid of mucous and phlegm from respiratory tract.

  • The tea helps in preventing liver related diseases in a massive way.

  • Also, problem of cough and cold can be treated with the help of consumption of this herbal tea.

  • Problems of canker sores, reflux and peptic ulcers are also dealt effectively with the aid of consumption of this tea.

  • Asthmatic patients would also be able to obtain respite due to intake of this tea.

  • The extract of licorice root herb can help in treating eczema, a skin related disorder, when applied on the skin directly, where the irritation, swelling and itching on the skin would be treated.

  • Problems of stomach ulcer and upset stomach can be successfully dealt.

Side Effects of Sweet Root Tea

  • It is recommended that pregnant women should stay away from licorice root herbal tea.

  • Also, people suffering from diabetes, fluid retention and heart diseases should avoid the intake of this tea.

  • Further, it is suggested not to consume licorice root tea longer than a month; else a person may have to face side effects like headache, elevated blood pressure, and water retention.