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Lemonade Tea

A popular beverage that is served in restaurants, tea lemonade consists of half iced tea and half lemonade and is often called ‘Arnold Palmer’. It is definitely available at most of the golf clubs and health clubs where daily it is served to a large number of clients. The combination of tea and lemonade makes it one of the most refreshing beverages to have especially in summer months. Tea lemonade recipes are easy to make and a few basic ingredients can churn out a glass of great tea lemonade even at home. To prepare at home, the tea lemonade recipe steps need to be followed where tea bags need to be put into a heat-proof pitcher. Boiling water needs to be added and stirred. Once the tea is cooled, the tea bags can be removed and lemonade concentrate along with the lemon slices can be added. Then it should be stirred well and poured into the ice-filled glasses. The tea lemonade can also be garnished with a little bit of mint for that lovely flavor.