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Lavender Tea

Lavender tea is a blend of tea leaves and scented lavender flowers. Lavender is a flowering plant that provides a refreshing and aromatic flavor to various kinds of teas including black tea, herbal tea or even green teas.

Lavender often provides a slight sweet and floral flavor to teas and lavender flowers are generally blended with tea leaves in dried form. However, fresh leaves are also quite popular.

History of Lavender Teas

Lavender tea is believed to have originated in the regions where lavender, scientifically known as lavandula, is grown abundantly. Ancient Greeks and Romans are famous for using lavender flowers for culinary purposes. Though the significance of this scented flower as a culinary herb is still less known, hundreds of centuries ago the scented and sweet flavored flowers were used widely in cooking.

Northern and eastern parts of Africa along with Mediterranean regions are also famous for growing lavender as these places are dry and well exposed to sunlight. These climatic conditions are quite helpful in growing this fragrant plant. Blending of lavender with teas can also be seen in these cuisines.

Preparation of Lavender Teas

Lavender tea is generally prepared with the use of either dried or fresh lavender flowers. Lavender flower is specially used as a flavored ingredient in teas. In few variations, lavender honey is also added as a sweetener in teas.

Lavender flavor goes well with almost all kind of teas. To get maximum taste of lavender the leaves of flower alone should be brewed in warm water.

The method of preparation of this tea is quite similar to other teas. Proper brewing or steeping in warm water is extremely important to extract complete flavor of the flower and tea. Steeping period should be at least 7-10 minutes long. This tea provides a soothing and relaxing flavor.

Lavender Tea Benefits

The healthy elements present in lavender are flavonoids, essential oils, tannins and flavorful camphor. All these constituents provide various benefits that are attributed to this natural herbal tea. Some such benefits are as follows:

  • Insomnia can be effectively treated with the regular consumption of lavender tea.
  • This soothing tea is helpful in lessening the anxiety, stress and nervousness.
  • Flatulence, upset stomach and even colic can be cured with lavender teas. It also treats the bowel infections.
  • People suffering from migraine and depression should take this tea as a helpful measure in curing the ailments.
  • Increased body temperature and excessive sweating during fever can be reduced with lavender flavored tea.
  • This scented tea reduces bad breath and can be used against halitosis.
  • Respiratory system can also be eased during cough and bronchitis by using lavender concoction.


Besides being used as a relaxing beverage, lavender tea can also be used externally as a beneficial wash for cuts, wounds and ulcers.