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Cameron Tea

Cameron tea basically refers to the tea from Cameron Highlands located in Malaysia, where the region is quite popular for its tea plantations. A visitor to Cameron highlands should not leave without visiting tea plantations of the region. The tea produced in the region of Cameron is quite known for its healthy and nutritious benefits including improvement in digestion process, preventing premature aging, and managing the cholesterol level.

Popular Cameron Highlands Tea Types

The plantations of Cameron highlands produce various types of tea which vary greatly from each other due to different environmental conditions prevailing in different regions, where the plantations are grown. The soil and the climate of a particular region have a huge impact on the tea type grown in a particular region, in spite of the fact that same plant “Camellia Sinensis” is used in all the regions for tea production.

  • Black tea- this is a strong and full-bodied tea which goes well along with milk, where full fermentation of the tea leaves is allowed.

  • White tea- this Cameron tea is derived through tightly rolled tea buds, without undergoing any fermentation process, where the tea leaves are withered and steamed immediately.

  • Oolong- This is a semi-fermented tea, which is lightly rolled lightly till it becomes red and dried over fire thereafter. Light red-brown color is obtained after the brewing process. This tea is normally drunk without sugar or milk.

  • Green tea-this tea refers to unfermented tea, where the tea is first withered, then steamed, and dried in the end. A distinct green colored tea, enriched with little tang and slight flavor is obtained.

Cameron Tea Benefits

  • The green tea grown in Cameron region is enriched with abundant antioxidants providing benefits like reducing extra body weight and maintaining optimum level of cholesterol, hence guarding against heart diseases. Also, premature skin aging would be prevented.
  • Black tea is helpful in preventing diarrhea, cystitis, skin infections, and pneumonia.
  • White tea is rich in antioxidants and assists in boosting up the metabolic rate. Also, it helps in lowering down the blood pressure in a natural way.
  • Oolong tea is also full of antioxidants, hence helping to raise the metabolism, reduce the cholesterol level, and fight against damage caused by free radicals.

Popular Cameron Tea Regions

Cameron Highlands is well known for three tea plantations viz:

  • Boh Tea Plantation- this plantation is the largest producer of tea in Malaysia, having four tea producing gardens, spread over an area of twelve hundred hectares. This plantation produces around four million kilos of tea every year, representing around 70% of total tea production in Malaysia.

  • Sungai Palas Tea Plantation- this plantation is famous for producing best types of tea in Malaysia, in a stunning and impressive setting.

  • Cameron Valley Tea Plantation- apart from producing good quality Cameron tea, this plantation is also famous for offering scenic beauty, thus making it a good picnic spot for enjoying a cup of tea, while taking beautiful photographs at the same time.