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Apple Tea

Apple Tea can be described as a cup of hot Sri Lankan or Turkish black tea emanating the flavor of apples. The tea can further be enhanced by adding pieces of apples to it. The fresh and sweet apple infused drink does not taste like the tangy cider. The tea tastes equally good either light or strong with many people preferring it along with their mid-morning snack. The sweet apples are used sparingly so that the natural flavor of the black tea is not completely overpowered. Some variations of this popular fruit based tea also contain cloves, cinnamon and chamomile.

The apple tea is considered to be the national soft drink of Turkey, a land where ordinary tea or coffee is not favored as much as its exotic variations. Also known as Elma Cay, this drink tastes of fresh fruit along with a number of other ingredients which are added to spice it up. Leaves of the blackberry, pineapples, hibiscus and lemon are all used to enhance the fruity flavor of this special Turkish tea which is an ideal way of driving away the winter chills. It can also be served cold on ice during the blazing summers experienced by the Turkish people. Most tea houses within the country have their tea pots placed on the flame all throughout the day making it easier for the customers to get a ready made brew without wasting much time.

Commonly Used Ingredients and Preparation as per Apple Tea Recipes

While the accepted way of making the tea is to use the freshly strained juice from a whole apple which has been cooked, it is considered to be too time consuming. Adding apple juice to the tea pot after it has been brewed freshly is one of the most acceptable methods. Infusing dried apple slices in a tea pot before serving can also impart the tea with the flavor of apples.

Adding a sweetener is acceptable with honey being the most popular choice. Weight watchers often prefer to use low calorie sweeteners instead.

Adding a cinnamon stick or spreading a little cinnamon powder on the apple tea is another popular way of consuming it. The spicy mix of sweet and tangy flavors helps to enliven the taste apart from being a healthy drink.

Serving Suggestions for Maximizing Apple Tea Benefits

  • Apple peel tea- Using dried apple peels mixed with lemon juice is considered to be a healthy alternative when brewing apple tea because of the extra vitamins and minerals that can be found just under the peels.
  • Spiced tea- Hot chamomile tea infused with cinnamon and finely cut apple slices help in keeping the winter chills away.
  • Cider Tea- Brewing black tea with all spice powder and serving it with apple cider and a spoonful of honey helps to clear the congested respiratory tract.
  • Chilled Tea- A tall glass of iced tea mixed with fresh apple juice is refreshing in the summer and helps to hydrate the body along with supplying it with essential minerals in the form of magnesium and potassium.

Apple Tea Health Benefits

Drinking tea infused or mixed with apples are considered to be extremely healthy as they combine the goodness of both the fruit as well as the tea leaves. Some of the important health benefits of apple tea are:-

  • The flavonoids help in lowering the risk of cardio-vascular diseases.
  • The phytonutrients present in the apples help in eliminating the formation of arterial plaques.
  • Both the tea and apples are believed to have anti-cancer properties.
  • The vitamins present in apple tea significantly improve the functioning capability of the lungs.