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Anise Tea

Anise tea is a tea made from strongly flavored anise leaves and seeds. Anise tea benefits have been known since historical times, which include remedial effects for a number of ailments like indigestion, respiratory disorders and sinusitis. It is most popular in the Middle Eastern countries.

History of Anise Herbal Tea

The Anise herb was native to the Middle East, where the tea has been a tried and tested remedy for various ailments since centuries. It later spread to the Mediterranean region, particularly Spain where it was introduced by the Arabs. In modern times it is quite popular amongst health conscious people in various parts of the globe.

Ingredients Used and Anise Tea Recipe Overview

The basic ingredients required to prepare anise flavored tea are fresh or dried anise leaves, boiling water, honey and lemon slice. Some recipes may also include the additional use of anise seeds.

To prepare the tea, a spoonful of anise leaves are taken in a cup and boiling water is poured on them. The leaves are allowed to steep for about 5 to 7 minutes, after which honey is stirred into the tea, and it is served with lemon slice. Some recipes suggest usage of water boiled with anise seeds instead of plain water.

Anise Tea Benefits

Anise tea has a range of health benefits, which can be attributed to the medicinal properties of anise. The main ones are as follows-

  • Treatment of Respiratory Disorders: The tea acts as an expectorant in relieving phlegm from the respiratory tract, and hence is recommended in cold and cough. It is also used for conditions like bronchitis and sinusitis.
  • Benefits for Lactating Mother and Newborn: The tea is known to boost supply of milk in lactating mothers.
  • As a Digestive Aid: Anise flavored tea is known to benefit the digestive system, and provide relief in conditions of diarrhea, gas, bloating, flatulence, colic, etc.
  • Other General Uses: The tea is also known to provide relief from hiccups, and is a good relaxant that can be taken before going to bed. It can even be given to children.

Anise Flavored Tea: Trivia

In some individuals, intake of anise may cause some skin inflammations like acne. Excessive use of anise is also known to have a narcotic effect on the body. Pregnant women should also refrain from consumption of anise tea.