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Almond Tea

Almond tea is a variety of drink that is prepared with almond flavoring. A regular tea brew is prepared, to which, almond flavoring or ground almonds is added along with hot or cold milk. However, there are several varieties of Almond tea like Chinese Almond tea and Horchata that do not have tea in them at all but are still referred to as almond teas.

Almond Tea Recipe: Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

There are several different methods for preparing almond tea. For example, a cold tea is often prepared first and then, the almond extract is added to it. There are also versions where ground almonds are added to the tea brew along with ingredients like milk and sugar and the beverage is served hot.

Popular Variations in Almond Tea Recipe

There are several regional variations of Almond tea. For example -

  1. A traditional Chinese variety of almond flavored tea is called as hung yun tsa. This preparation does not use tea leaves. Almonds and rice are soaked together for 2 hours in cold water. The rice is then ground while the almonds are soaked in hot water. The hot water soaking removes the skin of the almonds. The almonds are then ground with the rice to form a thin paste. Water is boiled and the rice almond paste is added to the boiling water. Other ingredients like honey, sugar, peanuts and sesame seeds are added to taste. The tea is served hot.
  2. Horchata is a variety of Almond milk that has several different kinds of nuts and milk ground together to form a soothing drink. It is commonly prepared in Spain, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.
  3. A cold version is popular where black tea is brewed and almond extract is added along with lemon zest, sugar, and vanilla extract to form the tea. This same version is also prepared hot if required.
  4. Almond flavored tea is also prepared with almond powder, gingko nut powder, honey and milk. The powders are mixed together and cooked into a thin soup. The tea is poured into a dish and the dish is then covered with puff pastry and allowed to bake. This version is served in Chinese restaurants as a sweet drink.
  5. Commercial versions of black tea powder that are flavored with almond essence are also available. A few examples are The NecessiTeas Sweet Almond, Tea Spree Almond Rooibos and Celestial Seasonings Almond Sunset.

Almond Tea Benefits: Health and Nutrition Facts

A single serving of Chinese Almond tea contains 133 calories. Fat content is 4.4g, carbohydrate value is 22g, and protein content is 1.4g.