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Sweet recipes are referred to the set of recipes that are high in sugar content. Though in conventional sweet dishes sugar is the main ingredients used to provide sweetness, modernism and health concerns led people to use artificial sweeteners in sweet recipes. Sweets, confectionery and desserts are the main foods that come under the category of sweet dishes. People belonging to all age groups, especially children are fond of sweet recipes. There are various natural sweet foods also that provide a different extent of sweetness to the sweet recipes. Fruits and honey are some of the natural sweet foods that are added to reduce the amount of sugar in the recipes. Rice and potatoes are also considered sweet foods but they are used in different ways. Sweet dishes are mainly prepared at the time of celebrations or during special occasions in order to provide a ‘feel good’ factor. The innumerable cakes, pastries, pies, candies, puddings and ice creams are some of the highly acclaimed sweet recipes that are famous in almost all cuisines of world.

Historical Facts about Sweet Recipes

Though it is believed that in 19th century the one of the first sweet recipes was prepared, but the history of sugar or honey as a sweet ingredient is older than this. Honey rolled nuts and fruits dipped in honey are some of the occasional treats that were enjoyed by the people of Ancient civilization. It’s really interesting to know that ‘ice cream’, what we call it today, is the invention of Chinese cuisine in 3000 BC where it was called ‘flavored ice’. It was the time during middle ages when sugar was first manufactured and started being used as a sweetening agent, but at that time also it was so expensive that only rich people can savor the taste of it. However, later, sweet recipes were in wide circulation owing to the large production of sugar in mid 1800’s.

Popular Types of Sweet Recipes

Different classes of foods exhibit a variety of sweet dishes. The fondness of sweet recipes among the people all over the world is demonstrated through the following list of food categories:

  • Desserts – This is the most popular category of foods that includes a wide range of sweet recipes. Different type of cakes, ice creams, puddings and pies are part of dessert. Even fruit desserts fall under this category that are mainly flavored with honey. Sugar granules, as well as powdered sugar, are fondly added to give an exceptionally sweet taste to the desserts.
  • Accompaniments – fruit jams, jellies, sweet pickles and other sweet condiments come under the category of sweet accompaniments. Dessert sauces and toppings are some of the luscious accompaniments including chocolate sauce, butterscotch sauce and strawberry sauce that are eaten as added ingredients over the top of the mouth-watering desserts.
  • Snacks and Breakfast items – Sweet recipes are not only served as desserts, but sweet snacks and spreads are also equally popular among foodies. Cookies, jam spread, muffins, waffles as well as pancakes are fondly eaten either as snacks or in breakfast.
  • Drinks – Sweet drinks include almost all fruits juices and soft drinks. Some of the wines and cocktails also taste sweet.
  • Main course – It’s a very rare case that main course includes sweet dishes, but some cuisines are famous for making sweet recipes as main course dishes. Sweet dumplings, crepes and sweet rice are some of the popular main course sweet dishes. Some cuisines, including German, Polish and Indian cuisine, traditionally serve sweet dishes in their main course.

Popular Sweet Dishes of Different Cuisines

  • Indian – Indian sweet recipes are relatively different from other world cuisines. The way of serving is also different here. Popular Indian desserts include kheer( reduced milk mixed with sugar, dry fruits and flavored with saffron), gajar ka halwa( carrot sweet dish) and shahi tukda( bread pieces served with sour cream and sugar). Sweet and flavored rice are also very popular in some parts of India. Festivals and special occasions such as wedding or child birth are celebrated with innumerable sweet dishes and this is the tradition to serve sweets among friends and relatives.
  • American – Americans are very fond of ice creams and puddings. Some of the popular American sweet recipes include chocolate walnut fudge, sour cream blueberry muffin and vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frostings. Sorbets and slushies are also quite popular among Americans having sweet tooth.
  • European – Like Americans, European sweet dishes are full of desserts and baked items. Cream brulee, candies chocolate soufflé are some of the loved sweet recipes in European countries.
  • Middle Eastern – Pastries and date filled cookies and desserts are fondly consumed in Middle Eastern cuisine. Pomegranate jelly, phylo pastry and chocolate baklava are the popular Middle Eastern sweet recipes. Sesame halwa is a distinctive variety of sweets in this cuisine.
  • African – Sweet dishes in African cuisine mainly comprises of chutney and sauces. A special sweet lamb recipe is prepared in North Africa on the occasion of Ramadan. Kashata Na nazi (coconut candy from Uganda), peanut mousse and caramel banana are some other much desired African sweet recipes.

Health Implications Concerning Sweet Recipes

Though sweet recipes are famous as energy boosters and ‘feel good’ recipes but excess consumption of them lead to obesity and diabetes. Even tooth decay is also related with the excessive intake of sugary products.

In order to satisfy the sweet tooth, one can include honey in most of the sweet dishes. The use of artificial sweeteners is also not recommended as they contain harmful chemicals that may further deteriorate the health.

Sweet Dishes Trivia

Browned sugar can be added to give a distinct flavor and color to the sweet dishes.