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Sweet And Salty

Sweet and salty is a taste that is soothing to our nerves and also appetitive. Such foods bring out a feeling of goodness. Salty taste lies somewhere between sweet taste and the sour taste and it tends to increase the appetite. These two tastes tend to balance well with each other and many such recipes can be seen in almost all the cuisines, which are unique to the region. If a particular dish is a sweet dish or a dessert, adding a pinch of salt to the ingredients tends to bring out the flavors even better and the same applies when a bit of sugar is added to dishes that are predominantly spice based. In fact, people across the globe enjoy the wonderful combination of both these tastes.

History of Sweet and Salty Recipes

Sweet and salty has a history that goes back to centuries. In fact, Aristotle, after a thorough study of tastes around 350 BC, stated that sweet is one of the basic tastes and similarly Ayurveda documented the five basic tastes that the senses in our mouth can assess and salty taste was one of them. Then by the 15th century, many foods such as chocolate covered pretzels were discovered and soon many more such foods came into existence, which were a beautiful combination of both the tastes.

Popular Recipes of these Tastes

This kind of juxtaposed taste is prominent in most of the cuisines. The proportion of sweet and salt could vary with the dish and other ingredients that go into it. This kind of taste combination can be seen in desserts, juices, fruit salads, certain accompaniments and even snacks. There are many recipes and some popular ones are –

Sweet and Salt Cake – This delicious 3-layer chocolate cake with a delectable whipped cream caramel ganache icing has a nice blend of sweetness and saltiness, with ½ teaspoon of salt added to the batter. The cake is garnished with Fleur de Sel.

Sweet and Salty Fudge – The ingredients that go into making the fudge are cocoa, powdered sugar, butter, milk, vanilla essence and finally salted nuts. Here is a recipe that has a good proportion of sweetness and saltiness (from the salted nuts). It is a delicious confectionery that is enjoyed especially by kids.

Pretzel Salad – This side dish gets its sweet salt taste from the combination of strawberries and pretzel. This is a wonderful summer dessert that is part of most of the potluck dinners, thoroughly enjoyed by everybody.

Other popular recipes are Chocolate Peanut Clusters, Popcorn treats, Watermelon and Feta, Sweet and Salt Nuts, Sweet and Salty Pretzels, etc.

Health Benefits of Sweet and Salty Recipes

Foods that have both these tastes in one have certain health benefits which work internally in the body. Sweet taste is known to calm the nerves and also in building tissues, bone, marrow, reproductive fluids and even plasma. Hair and skin are benefitted from the chemicals present in the sweet ingredient. Salty taste helps in moisture retention and because of this the skin gets radiant. Other than these, salt also improves digestion, maintains mineral balance and also in eliminating wastes. With so many health benefits, it is imperative that we include in our diet foods that are sweet and salty.