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Spicy foods are referred to the array of dishes prepared by using various spices used in culinary world. Spicy foods are enjoyed all over the world due to its piquancy and hot flavors. Whenever, the word ‘spicy’ is associated with any recipe it is considered a very fiery and hot recipe, however, spicy not only means chili-flavored foods. Spicy recipes include chili as well as some of the other flavoring spices, such as cinnamon, mace, cumin, cardamom and many more. Spicy recipes are also known as ‘hot’ recipes due to the reason that the chemicals present in the spices leaves a distinct effect in our mouth as well as nose that gives heat. Some of the finest spicy foods are chili pepper chicken, spicy nachos and spicy chicken wings.

Historical Facts about Spicy Foods
Whatever be the reason of the evolution of the spicy foods, one thing is clear that almost all people in different parts of world require spicy recipes in their palate. The increasing demand of spices in Europe had led Columbus to start his voyage towards East Indies in order to find the way to get some rare and expensive spices in abundance. Pepper was a very costly spice in Europe in ancient times and still it is predominantly grown in Southern parts of India.

Another interesting fact related to the discovery of ‘chili’ is that Columbus found it on his journey to New World. He learned that ‘chili’ can be grown in any type of climate and is less expensive than pepper; hence ‘chili became the much sought after ingredient in making spicy foods all over the world.

Popular Types of Spicy Recipes
Spicy foods are a part of almost all classes of foods. Obviously, desserts are not included in this category though some desserts are also spiced.

  • Appetizers and snacks – Various spicy snacks are popular in global cuisine. It is generally observed that snacks use lots of chili pepper in order to provide zest to the recipe. Served with a variety of drinks, spicy snacks are well-liked. Even spicy soups are highly admired.
  • Main course – Spicy side dishes as well as main dishes comprise the main course. Spicy foods including meats and vegetables are the main attractions of any food menu in world cuisine.
  • Accompaniments – These are the most popular spicy recipes as they include various foods such as chutney including chilies, pickles and various spicy sauces.

Popular Spicy Recipes of Different Cuisines

  • Asian – Chili chicken, samosa, chana masala and hot pepper chicken are some of the world famous Asian spicy recipes.
  • American – American spicy recipes include Texas chili corn carne, hot and spicy chicken wings and spicy beef burgers. However, Americans include very less, spicy foods in their menu.
  • European – Spicy eggplant, pasta with chili sauce and spicy lentil soup forms the list of European spicy recipes.
  • African – Like Asian cuisine, African cuisine is also famous for making spicy foods. Some of the recipes are spicy Moroccan chicken, jalapeno rice and spicy fried cabbage.

Health Implications Concerning Spicy Foods
Spicy foods are generally known as stimulants that raises the body temperature. It is also learnt from recent studies that spicy recipes are not actually bad for health. Chili and pepper are helpful in fighting against certain cancers and other ailments. It is also claimed that spicy foods decrease the feeling of stress and depression. ‘Bad’ cholesterol can also be reduced by the consumption of spicy recipes but spices should be used in moderation.

Spicy Recipes Trivia
Capacisin that is responsible for providing fiery taste to the spicy recipes is also and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant product.