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Lemony foods are the foods which have a citrusy taste, in other words, these are the foods with an acidic flavor or a sour taste. While these foods mostly indicate recipes which are cooked or prepared with lemon as the main ingredient, it can also refer to dishes which have been prepared with citrus fruits similar to lemon, like lime, orange, tangerine, citron etc. Sometimes, lemongrass and lime leaves can also be used in lemony dishes. These foods usually carry the aroma of lemon or an aroma which is similar to this citrus fruit and the degree of it can range from strong to mild, depending on the recipe. These aromatic sour foods are popularly served in the form of cocktails, juices, dips, pickles and appetizers. Sometimes though, lemony dishes can also come in the form of side dishes, main courses and desserts. Some of the most popular recipes in this category are lemony lemon drop martini, lemon chicken, lemon drizzle cake, lemon tart and lemony pasta salad.

Historical Facts about Lemony Recipes
Lemony dishes have been in existence since the time lemon was discovered. Lemon was discovered in North Eastern India and was brought to America in 1493 by Christopher Columbus. Since then, different types of lemony recipes have evolved all over the world. Some of the oldest recipes in this regard are the Asian lemon and honey concoction, the British lemon meringue pie and the Indian lemon pickle (nimbu ka achar).

Popular Types of Lemony Recipes
Owing to their acidic taste, lemony recipes are served in different classes of foods, most notably as appetizers, beverages, accompanying dishes and pickles.

Appetizers – The common appetizing lemony dishes include grilled meat or fish marinated with a lemon based seasoning, Thai soup and salad dressed with lemon juice.

Beverage – Common lemony beverages are lemonade, lemon tea, soda lime and lemon vodka.
Accompaniments – In this category, the popular recipes are lemon butter, lemon chicken sauce, lemon yogurt and lemon relish.
Desserts – Lemony desserts include a variety of cakes, pies, cookies, lemon cream biscuits and wafers, puddings, and muffins.
Side dishes – In most cases, these dishes come in the form of baked recipes and recipes where the meat, vegetable or fish has been marinated in a lemony seasoning before being cooked into a gravy dish.
Main course – Main course dishes with a lemony taste and flavor aren’t very common but in the coastal areas of India, Srilanka and Thailand, rice is often cooked with citrusy ingredients.

Popular Lemony Dishes of Different Cuisines
Lemony preparations are common in every cuisine of the world. At least every cuisine has at least one recipe that has a lemony flavor and taste. Citrusy foods are very popular in the tropical countries and the regions located on the coasts. If the American and European cuisine is ruled by the lemony desserts and cocktails like lemon lava cakes, lemon pastry, lemon bars and raspberry lemon prosecco cocktail, the Asian cuisine is ruled by lemony marinades, appetizers, side dishes, main courses, accompaniments as well as beverages like South Indian lemon rice, Kala khatta sherbet and Japanese ponzu sauce.

Health Implications of Lemony Food
Lemony foods contain citrus fruits, mostly lemon, which is packed with vitamin C. These foods and drinks aid in digestion and weight loss. These foods also keep the blood pressure normal, prevent cancer, gum problems, cholera and maintain the good health of eyes and hair.

Lemony Food: Trivia
Lemon is often used in seafood marinades to neutralize the amines on their skin.