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Taco is one of the earliest Mexican dish that is popular all over the world because of its taste and variety as there are endless ways of preparing it. Made from a corn tortilla and filled with exquisite ingredients like carne asada or grilled meat, a taco is a healthy option for everyone. The tortillas are either folded or wrapped around a filling. Tacos is the heart and soul of Mexico’s diverse cuisine, but every region in this country has their own variations when it comes to preparing tacos.

Origin of Taco Recipes:

Though Taco is a Spanish word, the origin of the Taco can be traced to the period before the Hispanics, during the concept of the Taco perhaps came into beings when a number of indegenous tribes including the Aztecs scooped food with the help of corn tortillas. The street taco which is so popular today actually originated in Mexico’s rural areas. The contemporary tacos have evolved with various influences, but the Mexicans have ensured that the innate taste is not lost.

Ingredients Prescribed by Taco Recipes:

Tacos can be made with a wide variety of ingredients. For Easy Microwave Tacos Recipe ingredients used include soft tortillas, ground beef, beef bouillon cube, onions, grated or sliced cheddar cheese, salsa, and guacamole.

Popular Method of Preparation of Tacos:

There are numerous ways to preparing tacos as they can be made either soft or crispy. One of the popular ways of preparing tacos is given below: To prepare fried tacos some oil needs to be heated in a pan let the tortillas cook lightly on both sides. The tortilla has to be folded in half and then the folded end can be made crispy. The tortillas should be well drained on paper towel after removing them from oil. Now, the beef needs to be heated till it starts steaming. Then the taco shell should be filled with a few tablespoons of the beef. Apart from cheese topping, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes can be added for better taste.

Serving and Eating Taco:

Dishes In a restaurant calorie conscious people should start with a side salad just to avoid eating too many tacos. A side salad would obviously have less calories and fat content compared to regular tacos. Fatty dressings should be avoided and salsa can be added to the salad instead of tacos.

Types of Tacos:

There are three types of tacos based on the ingredients used and their method of preparation. § Tacos De Canasta: Prepared at home and wrapped in paper or cloth, these tacos are sold in the morning hours from doorways, small stalls on even delivered to various places of business including offices and factories. These tacos are generally stuffed with potatoes with chorizo, pork rind, beans, etc.

· Tacos De Barbacoa: This is common morning treat mainly in the states of Mexico, Tlaxcala and Hidalgo. These juicy tacos are made with corn tortillas and traditionally prepared by filling maguey leaf linings with goat, sheep or lamb meat

· Tacos De Cabeza: These tacos are extremely popular breakfast treats in Sonora, Bajío, and Mexico City. The meat used in these tacos is cooked in large metal steamers

Health and Nutrition Facts Related to Taco Recipes:

Regular tacos are high in calories and fat, but soft taco shells contain less calories and they can be very nutritious. The ingredients used provide necessary proteins and vitamins.