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Pancake Syrup

Pancake syrup is liquid syrup served with pancakes, waffles, toast or biscuit. Pancake syrup is in the form of thick liquid with pouring consistency.

How to make pancake syrup?

Pancake syrup can be easily made at home. Basic ingredients of pancake syrup are butter, buttermilk, sugar, vanilla extract, corn syrup, cinnamon pd. and baking soda. All the ingredients except baking soda are mixed and cook over low flame until it forms bubbles. Then whisk in the baking soda and cook for another ten seconds. Pour on the pancakes and serve warm.

Pancake syrup recipes

Pancake syrup dishes can be served as side dish or as a dessert. Some recipes made with pancake syrup are yogurt pancake orange syrup, yeast pancake cardamom syrup, butter pecan pancake syrup and brown sugar syrup for pancakes.