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Brown Rice Syrup

Brown rice syrup is an amber colored organic sweetener obtained by cooking brown rice flour with special enzyme which is filtered and evaporated to get a healthy natural sweetener. Having buttery and moderate sweetened flavor it is an ideal in several drinks, desserts and bakes. Being rich nutritive sweet syrup it is recommended as an alternative to intake of sugar and is found in the regular food stores and markets.

History of Brown Rice Syrup Recipes and Cuisines Using It

It is believed to have a divine origin as being cooked from rice which is treated as a gift of God and the brown rice syrup prepared with addition of barley to rice was permitted in sacred and holy places.


The rice syrup is popular sweetened syrup found in American, European, Asian and a few modern Japanese markets. Some popular Chinese brands of the product are very common.

Preparation and Culinary Uses of Brown Rice Syrup Recipes

The brown rice flour or cooked rice is used to make the syrup which is mixed with enzymes and is left to ferment. Often the rice containing gluten is used but sometimes to get gluten- free syrup special enzymes are added. After fermentation, starch is obtained from the top of the liquid which is converted to sugar. It is strained and is reduced by cooking to get s dark brown dense brown rice syrup of the desired consistency which is packaged properly.

Culinary Uses

The thick sweet syrup is used in alternation to sugar, honey, molasses or other liquid sweetener in a number of puddings, cookies, muffins, beer and dressings. Being in liquid form it should be used with great care not to affect the consistency of the recipe. The unique buttery flavor has made the syrup an appropriate for some best desserts and bakes. Apricot ‘n’ poppy seeds cookies, Chocolate pecan pie with booze, Goma-ae, Grill goddess sauce, Banana muffins and Spicy soy hot chocolate are some famous recipes that include the brown rice syrup. It is often served poured on ice-creams, pancakes or coffee.

Storing Tips of Rice Syrup and their Nutritive Worth

The commercial brands of the syrup are presumed to have a life of about a year and once opened should be preserved in a dry, cool place.

Nutritive Worth of Syrup

It is healthy syrup where the secret of the nutritive value remains behind the brown rice. The glucose in the syrup gets immediately dissolved with the blood after passing into the small intestine leaving no chance in enhancing the blood sugar level. Thus, is recommended for diabetic as well health conscious people. The maltose and glucose also gets absorbed fast and is a healthy supplement of carbohydrate. It is a good source of Vitamin-B and minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, iron and manganese. Brown rice syrup is believed to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and is a nutritious and tasty sweetener.